There will be lesser chances of you getting stuck in traffic and you are more likely to want to get to the destination with the help of a bike. Even in the case of the people who book a taxi for themselves, it becomes hectic for them to get stuck in the traffic and staying there for hours.

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Want to avoid the traffic and reach any place in time? The best possible way to help you get in place in time is with the help of motorbikes. There will be lesser chances of you getting stuck in traffic and you are more likely to want to get to the destination with the help of a bike. The myriad vehicles on the roads have made it very difficult for the daily commuters to get to their destination on time. Even in the case of the people who book a taxi for themselves, it becomes hectic for them to get stuck in the traffic and staying there for hours.

So, bikes are the only solution that can come to the rescue here and help people reach their destination on time. Companies have started launching bike rental mobile apps as it is a great relief to the eco-system from vehicle pollution and the daily honking. Secondly, there will be considerably lesser cars seen on the roads, hence, less traffic.

Also, how many of you would want to purchase a bike and ride it just for leisure or maybe just for recreation? Why would anyone spend their hard-earned money on purchasing a bike when there is a solution to getting one on rent? It is the easiest way of getting a bike on rent and riding it in your city. You can also plan a vacation and rent a bike from one of the apps. This had offered scope for new apps to come into being as more people are nowadays opting for it.

What Are Bike Rental Mobile Apps?

The functioning of the bike rental apps is quite simple and similar to the taxi booking app. All a user has to do is look for the most suitable app for them on the Play Store or the App Store and install it from there.

Once the app is saved, they have to make their individual accounts by registering themselves with the application and saving their personal details. This helps the user save information like their location and the payment details. After they are done entering all their details, they can check the bikes available in proximity and select one according to their preferences. All the information entered o the app helps them get an estimate of the amount they would have to spend on a rental bike.

Further, they can either select it and go ahead with their bike ride or look for other options available in the mobile app.


Monetization Opportunities in Bike Rental Apps

Making money through an app is the ultimate goal of all apps, however, how well the app will perform totally depends upon the likeability of the users. Well, there are several ways the app owners can earn through an app. These can either be direct ways of making money or indirect revenue. Take a look at the monetization opportunities for app owners of bike rental applications.


This is one of the easiest and common ways of earning revenue. It allows third parties to come in contact with the app owners and buy space on their app for promoting their brand and products. To thrive in the competition and make free-flowing money, it is very essential to take up third party promotions. It is important to have collaborations with various brands and products and promote them on your platform in exchange for money. The app owners can charge the third parties for the amount of time their ad is displayed on the app or the other way of charging them money is through the cost-per-click or cost-per-mile method.

Project Setting
Project Setting


Each booking made under the aggregator model helps in generating a certain amount of revenue for the app owners. This is a free-flowing income that comes in with the help of the bike owners that allow the app owners to charge a fixed percentage of each ride to the bike owners. The users or call them the customers, are also supposed to pay a service fee to the app owners for using their services. This is a hidden cost, which is normally covered in the final amount displayed on the screens of the users. Also, there is a cancelation fee that is charged from the users who make a booking and cancel it before availing the service.

General Features in A Motorbike Rental App

  • Signup/login via email and social profiles
  • Browse and select bike type
  • Compare bike features
  • Book bikes for a ride
  • Schedule advanced bike bookings
  • View estimated fare for a route
  • Choose pick-up and drop-off point
  • Access to premium bike models
  • Payment via multiple methods
  • Get bike delivery for ride at home
  • In-App call and video call
  • Push Notifications
  • View/add reviews and ratings
  • Add/manage bike listings
  • Accept/reject bike bookings
  • Accept payments
  • Promote bike listing
  • Manage users
  • Manage prices and surge charges
  • Manage CRM
  • Manage CMS
  • Manage bike owners

Advance Features of Bike Rental mobile app

  • A simple and quick registration process is one of the most important features of any app. As a result, the app should be integrated with social media accounts such as Facebook or Gmail, allowing users to sign up for the app using their information from any of these accounts. This keeps them from having to re-enter all of their information. It is also critical for all users to create a separate account on their devices in order for the GPS to be enabled and used in the app.

  • This feature assists the administrator and app owners in informing users of any new product launches. This can also be used to keep them informed about any changes to the app. If they are introducing any new offers or discounts on their services, they can also send out notifications.

  • One of the most important features that assist bike owners in deciding whether or not to rent their bikes to users. The app keeps track of the riders' actions and saves them for later use. As a result, it is simple for bike owners to recognise a user's behaviour before lending their bike to them.4. In-app Document Scanning and Uploading

  • Cater to global customers by offering them the language of their choice. We help integrate global languages to suit your business requirements.

  • Because these apps allow users to rent bikes on their own after renting them from the app, it is necessary for the app or the bike owners to have proof of identity or residency in order to trust the user. This feature allows users to directly upload their documents to the app, as well as provide them with a scanner in the event that an app requires them to upload scanned documents.

  • The inbuilt camera is a feature that allows users to take as many pictures as they want. The inbuilt camera can be used to take a picture of documents, which can then be scanned using the scanner in the app.

  • This feature aids in the connection between the person who wants to rent a bike and the bike's owner. With the help of this feature, the app allows them to communicate. With the help of this feature, the app enables them to communicate.

  • Simply type the name of the bike you want to rent into the dropdown menu, and the dropdown will show you the best options that are closest to your search terms. For the users, this will save time.

  • Real-Time Analytics This one is for the admin because it allows them to keep track of the app's and company's performance. Real-time analytics allows them to see how well the business is doing, how many bikes are on the road, and which areas they need to improve.

  • This feature is for the admin because the insurance is covered and any repairs to the bike can be done by filing a claim with the insurance company.

  • This is a system for storing and retrieving information at any time.

  • This is a basic feature that doesn't need to be explained. This app, like all others, requires an integrated customer relationship management system. It is advantageous for users because they can contact customer service if they become stuck while using the app.

  • You'll need integrated promotional tools to get your app out to the public and help them learn about it. This will assist you in reaching the masses and improving the quality of your app's output.

Team Structure Required In Developing A Bike Rental App

The team that works behind any app development process is at the heart of it. They are the ones who will put in the effort, efficiency, and intelligence, so getting the most efficient team on board and having them complete the work is critical. If you're thinking about launching a bike-rental app, you should contact app development companies to see how they can help you get the best team on board.

Take a look at the people who will be needed to create a bike rental mobile app:

Quality analyst professionals
Project manager
iOS developers
UI/UX designer
Android developer
Back end developer

Best Tech Stack Required To Develop A Bike Rental App

It's not just about hiring the best people; it's also about having a solid tech stack in place to ensure that the app runs smoothly and without errors. Consider the following tech stack for developing a bike-rental app:

  • Push notifications: Twilio and Push.io provide push notifications
  • Database: MongoDB, Cassandra, Postgres, and Mail Chimp Integration
  • Cloud environment: AWS, Google, and Azure
  • Real-time analytics: Cisco, Spark, Hadoop, IBM, and Big Data platforms
  • Real-time analytics: Cisco, Spark, Hadoop, IBM, and Big Data platforms
  • Payments: PayPal, Braintree, e-Wallets
  • Voice, SMS, and phone verification: Nexmo and Twilio



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