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As the use of mobile apps grows, many platforms for developing various sorts of applications have been offered in the market. The days of developing mobile apps as native apps are long gone. Hybrid platforms may now be used to create mobile applications, making the process easier and more cost-effective. Ionic, React, Phonegap, Flutter, and more hybrid technologies have been presented.

In the current era, Flutter is at the top of the list for developing mobile applications. For your next mobile app development project, you may hire Flutter developers.

  1. 1. Introduction of Flutter
  2. 2. Why Is It Better Rather Than Other Hybrid Platforms?
  3. 3. How To Set Up Flutter?
  4. 4. IDE and Programming Language
  5. 5. Conclusion

1. Introduction of Flutter

Google built and published Flutter as a free open-source mobile UI framework in May 2017. Flutter is a free open-source mobile UI framework built and distributed by Google.

Flutter SDK is a set of developer tools for creating mobile applications. It provides a framework for converting code into native code in order to support multiple mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. The Flutter framework is made up of reusable UI components known as WIDGETS. Our Flutter developers may customise those widgets to meet your needs.

Flutter Development is extremely beneficial for creating native mobile and web applications from a single code base. The application may be released on the app store and the play store using the same code, and the same code can also be used for PWA. The most significant benefit of Flutter is that a single developer can work on the code and it will be supported across all platforms.

2. Why Is It Better Rather Than Other Hybrid Platforms?

  1. 1. Flutter-based applications have the same appearance and feel in terms of UI as native apps. While apps designed with other hybrid platforms, such as React / Ionic, give the appearance of web pages on mobile phones.
  2. 2. By leveraging Flutter, you can quickly access native controls like as Bluetooth, WIFI, and any background service that is only available through native applications.
  3. 3. Because Flutter is a Google-introduced technology, we will receive fresh upgrades for native Android app development.
  4. 4. The most useful feature of Flutter is hot reload, which allows developers to rapidly see changes made to code on emulators, simulators, and hardware without having to re-run / rebuild the entire program.

As you can see there are lots of benefits of using Flutter, you are exactly on the right track by choosing Flutter for mobile application development.

To become a Flutter developer and design mobile applications using Flutter, you need be familiar with the following components:

  1. 1. Install Flutter
  2. 2. Flutter Basics
  3. 3. DART Basics
  4. 4. Widgets
  5. 5. Customized Widgets
  6. 6. Layouts & Navigation to design the app
  7. 7. API Calls & JSON Parsing

Let’s begin to get the knowledge step by step to create basic Flutter applications.

3. How To Set Up Flutter?

Flutter may be installed on your machine in a variety of ways. It also relies on the operating system that you are using on your PC. You may install flutter from the URL below based on your machine's operating system: https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/install

If you have any problems or questions when installation, please leave a remark or contact us. Our Flutter developers will assist you in resolving them.

When you finish installing, the DART package will be installed as well. Flutter will automatically select the right version of DART during installation, so there is no need to install it individually.

4. IDE and Programming Language

To develop Flutter applications, below IDEs are available:

• Visual Studio

This IDE was advertised as being incredibly efficient and simple to use for flutter development. Most web developers choose this editor since it is well-known to them. Visual Studio Code includes a robust plugin system and functionality. If you intend to use VS, you should install the Flutter plugin.

• Android Studio

It is one of the greatest IDEs for developing mobile and Flutter apps. If you work as a mobile app developer, you should use this editor. To all developers, it is one of Google's top user interface frameworks. With native applications, you can now instantly create mobile, desktop, or browser users.

• IntelliJ Idea Community / IntelliJ Idea Ultimate

This IDE is seldom used to create flutter apps. However, if you are already familiar with it, you may use it to begin Flutter programming. Please see the following link for further information on how to set up an editor: https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/editor

After installing Flutter and the IDE, your system is ready to begin developing for flutter apps. The next stage is to master the DART programming language. If you are new to mobile app development, you will also need to install Xcode.



The early Flutter team evaluated over a dozen languages before settling on Dart because it related to the way the user experience was built. Dart is one of the main reasons why developers use Flutter. Dart is totally open source and licensed under a permissive license. Dart was launched by Google in 2011 and was originally intended to be a substitute for JavaScript.

"We are also going to publish an article on DART programming concepts with one small flutter app soon"

Please see the official article below to get started with DART programming: https://dart.dev/guides/language/language-tour

Create the first project of Flutter

  1. 1. Open the IDE and select Create New Flutter Project.
  2. 2. Select Flutter Application as the project type. Then click Next.
  3. 3. Verify the Flutter SDK path specifies the SDK’s location (select Install SDK… if the text field is blank).
  4. 4. Enter a project name (for example, myapp). Then click Next.
  5. 5. Click Finish.
  6. 6. Wait for Android Studio to install the SDK and create the project.

To create a project with different IDEs, please refer to below link: https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/test-drive

5. Conclusion

Flutter app development enables organizations to produce native-like apps on a reduced budget and concurrently deploy them on both the Android and iOS operating systems. DOIT Software has chosen Flutter as its major technology. As a Flutter app development company, we are here to assist you in achieving your business objectives and developing the finest app for your needs.

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