Engagement Models

Models of interaction that are adaptable for unique business solutions

Fixed Budget

The price of the project will be estimated in the fixed budget model by analysing the exact requirements and the time required for product development. This type is best suited for small projects with specific requirements and few features. It's suitable for tasks with set deadlines and budgets.

  • MachinLimited features and clear descriptions.
  • Budgets are set and deadlines are set.
  • Less oversight is required at the client's end.
Time and material model

This model is appropriate for tasks of medium to high complexity. It is an excellent choice for firms that require frequent design or development modifications. This approach employs an agile technique, allowing for more project control and a minimal risk for customers and developers.

  • Ideal for long-term projects with changing needs.
  • Clients that prefer flexible processes will benefit the most from this option.
  • From the client's and developers' perspectives, there is a high level of control over the project.
Dedicated team model

Businesses will be assigned a team of developers that will work exclusively on their projects under this arrangement. The clients are charged for the time it takes the developers to finish the job. With this strategy, you may hire specialists from our organisation without having to do any recruitment.

  • High levels of security and IP protection are provided.
  • The budget estimate is consistent.
  • When opposed to a fixed price, this is a highly flexible option.
  • Improved understanding of the client's needs.
What are the advantages of our engagement models for you?

Engagement models are critical for the business since they play a critical part in the app development process. Most of our clients come to us with a unique collection of resources and requirements, as well as a varied level of engagement with us. To satisfy our clients' particular requirements, we deliver committed resources, no hidden charges, fair rates, and no overheads. We are eager to collaborate with you in order to create tailored solutions for your company.

High levels of security and privacy

Quotes that are clear

There are no complexity or hidden expenses.

There will be no quality compromises.

Budget estimates that are specific

The development method is adaptable.


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