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Ayuda Pooja
Ayuda Pooja
Independence Day
Independence Day
Women's Day Celebration
Women's Day Celebration

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Bluelook Women's Day Celebration

Today is International Women's Day, a day that celebrates women's contributions and achievements in a variety of fields. Bluelook commemorates this special day dedicated to women.


Beginners Android App Development Process


The most appealing features of apps are what pique users' interest. Apps make phones "today smart," and their benefits have drastically altered how we live our lives.

A Beginners Flutter AppDevelopment
Bluelook, Technology

As the use of mobile apps grows, various platforms for developing various types of applications have been introduced in the market. The days of developing mobile apps as native apps are long gone.

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Serverless computing provides backend services and makes it simple for customers to create and deploy code. Pay-for-value services, no server maintenance, automatic & continuous scaling, and built-in fault tolerance are all fundamental elements in serverless solutions.

Affordable expenses, easier scalability and backend code, and quick turnaround are just a few of the benefits.

It usually costs around $70 per month. The price of serverless development is determined by a number of criteria, including the project's scope, features and functionalities, API requests, storage and networking, CPU and RAM, and so on.

It's the result of combining FaaS and BaaS. FaaS is in charge of your app's business logic and sends requests to BaaS. BaaS has its own coding that makes taking precise action simple.

There are numerous frameworks for developing serverless apps. Up, Claudia.js, Jets, Middy, Serverless, Amplify Framework, Sigma, and others are among them.

AWS provides computing services, allowing it to run programmes without having to manage servers. It's also used to run code just when it's needed and to provide automatic scalability. The AWS Lambda serverless architecture makes it simple to run code without having to provision or manage servers.

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