Models of Participation

For tailored business solutions, we provide a variety of interaction models.


Fixed Budget

The price of the project will be determined in the fixed budget model by analysing the exact specifications and the time it takes to produce the product. This model is best suited to small projects with specific specifications and few features. It's perfect for projects with strict deadlines and budget constraints.

  • Features are restricted, and the specifications are simple.

  • Budgets and deadlines are set in stone.

  • On the client's end, there is less monitoring needed.

Model of time and material

This model is best suited to projects with a medium to high degree of complexity. It's an excellent choice for companies that need frequent design or development changes. This model employs an agile approach that allows for greater project management and lower risk for clients and developers.

  • Long-term projects with changing specifications are ideal.

  • Clients who want versatile procedures should choose this option.

  • From the client's and developers' perspectives, there is a lot of influence over the project.

Project Setting
Team Model

Dedicated team model

Businesses will be assigned a team of developers who will work exclusively on their projects under this model. Clients are paid for the amount of time it takes the developers to complete a project. With this model, you can hire experts from our organisation without having to worry about recruiting.

  • High levels of security and IP protection are given.

  • In comparison to a fixed price, it is extremely versatile.

  • Improved comprehension of the client's needs.

What are the advantages of our relationship templates for you?

Engagement models are critical for the company since they are used in the app development process. Most of our clients come to us with a unique set of tools and requirements, as well as a unique level of relationship with us.We have committed services, no hidden expenses, fair rates, and no overheads to meet the exact needs of our clients. We are eager to collaborate with you to develop custom solutions for your business.

  • High levels of safety and privacy

  • There will be no compromise in efficiency.

  • Transparent quotes

  • Clear budget estimations

  • No complexities and hidden costs

  • Flexible development process

Bluelook News / Insights

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Customer Engagement
A chatbot is redefining customer experience.

A chat bot is a computer programme that can converse with humans via voice or text. Many of us are, in truth, having a conversation with bots right now.



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