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As a leading MVP development company in Bangalore, we provide agile MVP development services, which is the most effective approach to launch a new product. We assist you in providing a suitable solution for your business, from analysing the earliest ideas to building prototypes and releasing them.

Our Approach

MVP development that is flexible in order to create viable goods

The MVP development process is a low-cost, high-efficiency method for developing the main elements of a product. The other product features will be added when the product has been tested and approved by customers. Our MVP specialists have used the agile methodology to help corporations, startups, and medium-sized organisations realise their vision at a low cost and with a flexible approach. We have extensive experience in producing digital goods in an effective manner, decreasing rework time and enhancing the client's ROI.

The most common entrepreneurial blunder is developing a large product.

Hire the top developers to pave the way for your product's development.

Without Bluelook:

Without Bluelook, our SaaS developers are as follows: It's not simple to find the ideal software developers to manufacture your product. You certainly could!

Search for a technical co-founder No

It is difficult to select the best professional developer from a large pool of organisations. It consumes a significant amount of your valuable time.

Hire in-house developers

It is unclear, costly, and hazardous. You may be unaware of the additional paperwork, responsibility, and dependability of their work performance.

assemble a team of freelancers

It's a time-consuming effort to choose the correct developer among a slew of freelance websites. You might not be able to find a suitable location.

With Bluelook:

We assess the problem and create your product to eliminate the effort and risk of hiring the finest developers.

We pave the route for your success

There will be no more squandering of time and energy. Our skilled team handcrafts the ideal digital solutions to satisfy all of your needs and objectives.

We sift through our developers for you.

We provide the project team, led by our product managers, with the necessary resources and technology. We first put them through their paces on internal projects.

We give a crew that is ready to go

We already have a strong team of specialists on hand to tackle any challenging problem and develop the finest possible solutions for your company.

Bluelook News / Insights

We are continually researching current trends and technology and are eager to share our findings. Keep up with the newest news and inspiring tales that provide ultimate solutions for your organisation.

Is Full Stack Development the best option for MVP development?

Creating the minimal viable product (MVP) is critical to the success of any product. Hiring full stack engineers for this is a smart idea.
MVP vs. EVP: Which Is Better For Your Startup?
Before they can be considered a successful firm, start-up enterprises must overcome several technological and strategic hurdles.
Why do companies need to collaborate with us on prototype and MVP development?

Creating a prototype and a minimum viable product (MVP) is critical for all businesses, large and small. However, it is necessary for start-ups to do so before venturing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • There are several advantages to becoming an MVP. MVP uses less money and requires very less commitment. Building an MVP prototype assists in identifying defects in your product, which lowers business risk and facilitates a simple introduction into the internet market platform. You may evaluate the input of the early adopters and correct any technical flaws that have arisen.

  • The cost of MVP development varies based on factors such as time spent, scope of work, project complexity, marketing expenditures, hosting and maintenance fees, and so on. In general, we charge between $12,000 and $20,000.

  • We are committed to providing high-quality items. Following a succession of revisions and candid input from early adopters, the ideal solution is created. It is a customer-centric development methodology in which we focus on user problems while also analysing market trends and the characteristics of the target audience. We do competitive research and analysis based on user engagement. We construct a concrete prototype and observe its engagement with users after a series of creative sessions and analyses. Later, we will concentrate on creating your MVP based on your specifications.

  • We are dealing with a very competitive business, therefore standing out requires a lot of work and new concepts. To begin, conduct extensive research on your company field, analysing rivals, market trends, and so on. Analyze the possible client base's location and geographically categorise them since you need to target the proper audience. After segmenting, you may conduct an actual survey to determine the true purpose of the transaction. Create your MVP and consider your product's future success. Make it to a full-scale product after feedback analysis and corrections.

  • We must be informed of market trends as well as the competitive climate.
    The following are the primary hurdles of establishing an MVP:
    1. Unable to distinguish between proof of concept, MVP, and prototype
    2. Failure to reach the intended audience
    3. Choosing the incorrect project management technique

  • There are three major components are:
    1. Users will appreciate the unique and efficient features.
    2. A technique for receiving honest product reviews
    3. A scope that will be expanded dependent on the needs of the users.



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