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Have you ever had to wait a little too long for your turn at the salon? Booking a salon appointment can be a real chore, consuming far too much time and energy. We rarely have the time or patience to visit or call a salon to schedule an appointment. Furthermore, manually booking your appointment via phone is not the best way to go, especially since there is an app for almost everything.

What is the solution? Develop a salon booking app that allows customers to book appointments whenever they want. Customers no longer have to worry about waiting on hold or physically visiting the salon. At the same time, managers now have a better way to manage their appointments.

Why Do You Need A Salon Booking App?

Here are several compelling reasons why you should create a salon booking mobile app:

1. A salon booking app can assist salon owners in digitizing and streamlining their appointment booking processes. While the majority of people keep their appointments and follow up, others waste time, making it difficult for other customers to keep their appointments.

2. A salon appointment booking app allows your clients to schedule appointments whenever they want, regardless of your working hours.

3. Consumers searching for 'Salons near me' and 'Book a salon near me' should tell you that you need to create a salon booking app to make it easier for them.

4. It saves a significant amount of time and energy. If you were unaware, salon employees are frequently occupied with a variety of tasks such as client calls, gift card sales, and so on. However, by utilizing a salon booking app, they can save a significant amount of time and energy by avoiding tasks such as manually handling appointments, reports, and billing.

The Benefits of Getting A Salon Booking App

Now that you've learned a little bit about the role of salon booking apps, here are a few of their benefits:

Simple Browsing

Your customers will have no trouble learning about your salon's services, packages, working hours, policies, and prices, among other things.

Time is money.

This relates to the first benefit. Because a salon booking app is simple to use and provides real-time information that is easy to understand, your customers can save a significant amount of time when scheduling appointments.

Notifications via Push

It is critical to remind your customers of your existence. Because cold calling may not be the best option, use push notifications to remind your customers of your existence while keeping them up to date on the latest.

Online Transactions

Online payments are now the norm, especially in light of the pandemic. Creating a salon booking app with a payment gateway allows customers to pay online with ease.


This is a critical advantage of developing a salon booking app. Given the obsession with personalized content, creating a salon booking mobile app that allows customers to select the stylists they want is a good idea.

Discounts and Promotions

Do you want to show your customers that you care? Develop a salon booking mobile app to announce discounts, specials, and the most recent updates.

What characteristics should you include?

It's useful to know what features to include when creating a salon booking app. Here are a few key features to consider when developing a salon booking app.

For the user

For The Administrator

How Do You Develop A Mobile Salon Booking App?

Now that you know a little bit about what your salon booking mobile app should include, here's what goes into creating one:

The Technologies Needed To Create A Salon Booking Mobile App
  • Cloud environments: Azure, AWS, or GCP Databases: NoSQL DBs such as MongoDB, Cassandra, or RDBMS such as Postgres
  • Mandrill for powerful programming: GWT
  • SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification: Twilio, Nexmo, or Sinch
  • FCM push notifications
  • Payment options include Stripe, PayPal, and any other real-time analysis software such as Apache Flink or Kafka.
How Should Your Team Be Structured?

The structure of your team is entirely dependent on the type of mobile app you are looking for. Because you're looking for an app that can help you manage salon booking appointments, you'll need to work with the following people:

Manager of Projects

Make certain that you are working with an experienced project manager.

Application Designer

Depending on your needs, the term Application Developer can refer to: Backend Application Developer, Front End Application Developer, Android Application Developer, iOS Application Developer, and so on.

App Developers

Your team will require a few app designers, including graphic designers and professional UI / UX designers.

Application Analyst

Include an application tester who will be responsible for detailed evaluation and feedback, allowing you to improve the app's quality.

How Much Will It Cost You To Create A Salon Booking App?

In a nutshell, the cost of creating a salon booking mobile app is determined by the features you desire. If you use the Agile Development Method, you should be able to build a salon booking app for iOS in 10 weeks, excluding additional features. The features you want to include are ultimately intended to make the work of administrators, customers, and staff easier.

You must decide whether you want to create an app for Android, iOS, or both. If your target audience uses both, you'll need to develop a hybrid app that works on both platforms.

Aside from that, you must consider whether you are transferring the project to a reputable application development firm or an independent developer. Here are a few cost-influencing factors:

Platform preference: iOS or Android or both App features
  1. Essential and advanced features
  2. Website integration Front-end application development
  3. Development of back-end applications
  4. FCM push notifications
  5. UI and UX design
In India, developing a salon booking mobile app can range from $10,000 to $40,000.
You can also create a salon booking mobile app using an online app builder. All you'd need to do is:
1.Make use of their salon app template
2.Customize the look of your app.
3.Include your content.
4.To launch your app, use their publishing wizard.
Timetable and cost:
  1. 60 hours of project analysis and management
  2. 450 hours for web application development (front end, salon panel, back end, and API).
  3. Customer iPhone app development - 280 hours
  4. 130 hours of design and UI integration
  5. QA - 80 hrs The iPhone, Android, and Web applications will take 1280 hours to develop. The development cost is $15360. We need 16 weeks from the start date to complete the application.

That's all you need to know about constructing a salon booking app from scratch. As you are aware, apps today dictate your growth and survival in the business world, so having an app with basic features is the bare minimum. However, if you want your app to be effective, you should include all of the features mentioned in the article. Bluelook Technology is a leading mobile app development company that can assist you in creating a salon app that is tailored to your specific business needs. Contact us right away!

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