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With just a few taps on your tailored and uniquely crafted on-demand mechanic app, you can serve global customers on the go.

App for On-Demand Mechanic Services

Vehicle breakdowns are an unexpected occurrence that has harmed communities all over the world. With traditional brick and mortar stores unable to reach customers, a dependable alternative is required. With an on-demand Uber for mechanics app, you can quickly connect certified mechanics with users. The intelligent app, which is loaded with cutting-edge features, can handle any mobile mechanic service requirement, such as an oil change, tune-up, brake job, tire replacement, and so on. So, why delay? With the custom app built for popular mobile (iOS and Android) and web platforms, you can easily provide a quick and cost-effective car/truck/bike repair service solution at the user's doorstep.

What Our Mechanic Services App Solution Offers

Our exceptional app solutions include all of the critical modules that ensure your online mechanic service business scales to new heights smoothly.

Customers' App

Our exceptional app solutions include all of the critical modules that ensure your online mechanic service business scales to new heights smoothly.

Mechanics Application

The dedicated mechanics app seamlessly connects service providers and customers. Professional mechanics can connect and reach customers' locations in real-time thanks to smart features and technology.

Admin Control Panel

The powerful admin dashboard provides a birds-eye view of all business operations. End-to-end monitoring and management of the on-demand mechanic's service business.


The website is creatively designed and caters to all vehicle repair requests such as flat tyres, oil changes, wheel balancing, engine malfunction, air conditioning repair, and others — the site is integrated with the company brand name and logo for instant recognition among the online community.

Analytics for Business

Download detailed reports on business functionalities, revenue structure, user ratings, service efficiency, and other topics from the admin panel for smart decision making.

Smart Dispatch

dispatches service professionals to service seekers' locations on-the-fly. Admins can choose to dispatch each request manually or automatically.

Multi-Payment Gateways

As per business requirements, the app integrated with popular payment gateways for easy and secure transactions.

Schedule or Reserve Now

Customers can use the one-of-a-kind feature to book a mechanic right away or schedule the service for a later time and date.

Messaging within the app

The in-app messaging feature allows customers and service providers to communicate and exchange critical information.

Invoice Creation

Following each successful payment via the app, a detailed invoice is generated and shared with the appropriate users. The same information is saved in Job history for future reference.

Ratings and Reviews

Customers can rate and review the professionals' post-service completion using the application. Additional feedback is provided by service seekers to help improve service quality.

Tracking in Real Time

You can easily track service professionals using the customer app and admin panel. If necessary, the feature assists customers in directing professionals to their location.

Integration of Multiple Languages

To cater to global users (service seekers and providers), the app allows users to easily switch between languages as needed.

Filter & Search

Customers can search for service professionals and apply filters to narrow down the results.

Job History

Mechanics can view and manage their previous work history, which includes date and time, type of service, cost, and other information, using the dedicated app.

Sign up/Login to Social Media

Customers and mechanics can sign up using their email and mobile number, or they can log in using their social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram & others).

Used Technologies



We use the google firebase tool to manage data and authentication. This tool is the new powerful emerging technology in these domains.


For a better experience, we use powerful API technology to make calls and send SMS.


For better learning, and security purpose, we use powerful Java language. And this java language gives the application more web connectivity.
How Does the App Work?
Services of Toolflip
Customer app
  • Coffee
  • Social networking
  • Customer Service
  • Monthly and annual Plan of Subscription
  • Notifications
  • Ad-integration
  • Promo Codes
  • Service Cost Specifics
  • Following up The Postal Service
Admin Panel
  • Plan of Membership
  • Payout Management
  • Control Service Costs
  • Reports are issued weekly and monthly.
  • Set Service Fee
  • Reliable Customer Service
  • Order Management
  • Management of Regions/Locations
  • Document Validation
  • Creating Promotional Codes
Service professional app
  • Intelligent Notification
  • Customer Support
  • Login to Social Media
  • Manage Subordinates
  • Uploading Documents
  • Recognition of Faces
  • Monitor Tasks
  • View the Ratings
  • Simple communication with the administrator
  • Availability Toggle
  • Select from a Variety of Requests
Marketing features
  • Bookmarking on Social Media
  • SEO on-page
Admin Panel
  • Authentication with two factors
  • Email Validation
  • Database indexing allows for quick page loading.
  • Structure of a Secure Database
Why Should You Pick Us?

We assist you in launching a real-time, lightning-fast on-demand mechanic business.

Options for multiple payments

The one-of-a-kind mechanic services app is integrated with a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and others.

Password Reset or Forgotten

Customers and service professionals can use the forgot password feature to quickly recover their password or login ID. They can easily reset the same.

Keep Card Information

Service seekers can save their credit/debit card information during the payment process — this feature Fastracks future payments.

Route Optimization

The smart app shows certified professionals the shortest and most direct route to the location of the service seeker.

Providers of Live Tracking Services

Customers can easily track professional mechanics using the app's robust ETA (estimated time of arrival).

Booking Information for a Service

After confirming service requests, users can view the booking details, which include the service provider's name, the cost of the service, and other information.

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Indeed, the smart mechanics app can be easily integrated with a variety of features that best meet your business needs.

Yes, the app notification can be configured to send mechanic information (name and phone number) to customers via SMS.

Yes, we provide excellent post-launch support to ensure that your app runs smoothly.

Yes, you can integrate the application with your existing infrastructure. Service seekers can find your store for more personalized service needs.

Yes, we can. Our developers have a wealth of experience in developing and delivering app-based business solutions. Please contact our experts today to discuss your project idea.

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