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Serverless Architecture Cloud-Based Product Development Company in India
One of the best companies offering serverless architecture based product development solutions in India is Bluelook technologies.
Why building Serverless architecture applications important to startups?
Start-up companies often struggle with the huge number of complexities that are associated with delivery of a complete product.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Serverless computing provides backend services and it allows users to write and deploy code without any difficulties. The key concepts of serverless strategies are pay-for-value services, no server management, automatic & continuous scaling, and built-in fault tolerance.

  • Some of the advantages are affordable costs, simplified scalability and backend code, and rapid turnaround.

  • Some of the advantages of AWS Lambda are:
    1.Automatic Scaling
    2.Low operational costs
    3.Ideal to handle peak loads
    4.Integrated security model
    5.Operating and managing serverless websites
    6.Easier operational management
    7.No administration overhead
    8.Creating backups and report generation
    9.Data filtering and transformation

  • Generally, it costs approximately $50.14/month. The cost of serverless development varies depending on various factors such as the scope of the project, features and functionalities, API requests, storage and networking, CPU & RAM, etc.

  • It is a combination of FaaS and BaaS. FaaS deals with the business logic of your app and makes the requests to BaaS. BaaS has its own code that makes it easy to take accurate action.

  • There are many frameworks available for building serverless apps. They are Up, Claudia.js, Jets, Middy, Serverless, Amplify Framework, Sigma, etc.

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