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We are a leading e-commerce web and mobile application development company with cross-industry experience that works in a real-time system to develop the best and most effective web and mobile applications.

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Overview of a web design and website development company

Developing an effective e-commerce website necessitates the assistance of a team of dedicated and experienced e-commerce application developers in Bangalore, India. Look no further, because Bluelook offers all of these services under one roof at affordable prices. We have a group of experts who have worked on hundreds of projects in the past. We can ensure your overall success thanks to our full-service approach. We've worked on hundreds of e-commerce projects and understand what it takes to get people to buy. Our eCommerce websites are optimised for desktop, mobile, and tablet shopping by utilising responsive web design. We make online shopping simple for customers and simple for website owners to manage.

Our trustable ecommerce web design and website development services are available for the following industry verticals

We are a leading E-commerce web and mobile application development firm with cross-industry experience that works in a real-time system to develop the best and most result-oriented web and mobile applications.

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What services do we provide for ecommerce web design and website development?

We are committed to providing bespoke e-commerce solutions with innovation and world-class skills that are tailored to your specific requirements. Our goal-oriented team discusses ideas and solves problems with well-planned methods to obtain the best possible results.

Web Front - End Development

Make your own fully-functional marketplace website.

  1. It is 100% customizable and supports third-party integrations.
  2. search engine and social media compatibility
  3. Deployment of the Amazon cloud and dedicated servers
  4. Dashboards for administrators and sellers to view real-time sales data.

  5. The ability to customise commission, shipping, and seller subscription rates

  6. Sellers have their own profile pages, and stores have their own URLs.

Admin panel

Features to maintain your store, all in one place

  1. Manage application and store settings
  2. Manage shipping methods
  3. Manage payments
  4. Database cleanup options
  5. Discount management
  6. Control shipping methods.
  7. Database backup and restore options
  8. Third-party integration
iOS & Android Development

Your ecommerce store will have its own mobile shopping app.

  1. On Android, iOS, and Windows, take use of the advantages of a native app.

  2. Customize your mobile eCommerce app according to your preferences.

  3. Contains more than 100 ecommerce-friendly features.

  4. Push notifications, deeplinking, geolocation, and more are all available in the app.

  5. Support for several currencies, languages, and payment methods is available.

  6. Magento, OpenCart, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and other e-commerce platforms are all supported.


We provide our services to the world's leading brands, assisting them in delivering high-quality products. Tell us about your new business needs, and we'll work with you to make it a success.

Mechanical delivery application

Bluelook provide a multi vendor mecanical delivery application for android

Fuel delivery application

Bluelook developed a fuel Delivery android and IOS app with good developers

Shoping application

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Frequently Asked Qustions
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You must choose the best platforms for ecommerce website creation, such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and others, in addition to the best features and sturdy software.

The majority of clients prefer online shopping over traditional buying because going to a store can take a long time. Ecommerce websites are advantageous for any type of business since they allow you to add more products to your website and allow clients to browse conveniently, allowing them to do online shopping from the comfort of their own homes.

Customers should be able to visit ecommerce websites that are dynamic, professional, and easy to use. Customers should be able to easily place orders, receive delivery and shipment information, and understand the process.

To rank first in the search engines, you can use social media posts, blogs, SEO methods, on-page activities, link building, and other activities to promote your ecommerce website.

You may quickly convert visitors into leads by publishing relevant information on your website to attract more clients. You might also mention an appealing web page where you can provide your contact information and other information.

Yes. For ecommerce websites, we provide SMS or Email integration assistance so that you may communicate with your customers.

You may create an ecommerce website with unique content and SEO optimization to make it easier for your customers to interact with you and increase your sales.

Analyzing the product or service, learning about the customer, selecting the appropriate ecommerce website hosting platform, selecting the appropriate ecommerce website development platform, payment gateway integration setup, ecommerce website promotion, and so on are all important steps in ecommerce website development.

Yes. We create ecommerce websites that are both scalable and mobile friendly.

According to your business needs, you can upload an unlimited number of items to an ecommerce website, each with different colours, sizes, and other features.